Geneva Health Center


Health & Wellness care available for low-income, uninsured clients. 

Ceneva Health & Wellness Center is owned and operated by HER Life Flow Foundation Ministries, Inc., a faith-based, not-for-profit organization.

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Programs & Services Include

  • Breast Cancer Awareness & Enlightenment
  • Post-Surgery Emotional Support Lifeline
  • Community Justice Program**
  • Counseling (individual, family, depression, substance abuse)*
  • Cultural Arts
  • Referral Assistance (necessities include houseing, utilities, clothing and food)*
  • Healing Pool Therapy
  • Paint Exp. Therapy
  • Dance Move Therapy
  • Musical Therapy Science
  • Nutrition

  • Information On-Site

  • Organic Cafe

  • Parenting Support Groups

  • Summer Youth Camp

  • Transportation

  • Assistance Women’s Health

  • Youth Afterschool Programs

  • Health Education*

  • Holistic Paths

  • Mediation Rooms

To learn more about becoming a client,
or about services offered,
call (434) 770-7078.

Our Conversational Center: will be fully equipped with a group leader that will be there to guide the conversation into knowledge, understanding, and healing.

Prayer/Meditation Rooms; open to allow you to decompress and have your moments to practice mindfulness and manifestation. Clients will also have access to a meditation guide if needed.

Detoxifying Steam Rooms: will be fused with steam and aromatherapy fragrances of healing such as frankincense and myrrh and so much more.

Healing Pool Therapy: a pool surrounded by an angelic botanical garden. Our hot tubs will be enhanced with herbs and or salts. The pool will have (therapy guides) that will lead the water aerobics healing exercise. The practice of (The Spoken Word) will be exercised during this time, which intels releasing your spoken intetions and greatest desires into the waters upon entry.

Paint Expression Therapy: life-size walls of paint forms given to each individual to express their inner thoughts through creativity, decompressing through colors and strokes of movement.

Dance Movement Therapy: the releasing of pressure through frequency and sound that comes from music and vibrates through your body expressions; movement without limitations.

Music Therapy: the science of the effects of music on the brain and the emotions expressed through sound and words includes: pain reduction, stress relief, memory improvement and improvement of brain injuries.

Organic Café: this Café will serve all-natural foods from the earth with a taste of pure satisfaction light menu of four courses which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert with amazing drinks with a twist.

Center Shop: will be a store with products that increase the quality of one’s life.

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The Inspiration behind The Geneva Wellness Center


This vision came to me well over 15 years ago working in ministry on the side of healing and deliverance. I saw thousands of people needing and praying for healing all over the world. The miraculous and amazing thing was that some received their healing but others didn’t at the time. Within those moments, the compassion for wanting to see people healed and free from the grips of disease and emotional anguish was born in my heart. I was inspired by a vision of a Wellness Center not like any other. This Center would be charged with Faith and a Holistic approach to healing, believing God for His miracles and putting the works to what we believe by action in the all-natural resources made by nature. That’s how the concept was born. Now, I would like to share with you how the name of The Wellnes Center was inspired.


In 2016, six months or so after my mother retired at 62, she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. My family was shocked, actually devastated because my mother had never been sick in her life. At 62 years old, she had never been on any medication she was the picture of health. She went from thinking she had a bad sinus infection to going to the emergency room and having her lungs checked to being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. In 2 years, I watched my healthy mother that had no issues spiral down to not being able to eat nor walk any longer and shortly after passing away. It was at those moments I desperately wished my Wellness Center was open and operating. My mother’s name was “Geneva”. Therefore, the name for the Center was born from strength, courage, and as a tribute to a woman that made an impact in so many people’s lives and was taken too soon. However, the given nature she had will live on through the Geneva Wellness Center forever. (I too have had a personal experience with Breast Cancer and I was triumphant over the disease!) This Center will embody the very essence of healing of the mind body and soul esperience!


Our Approach will not just encompass a Holistic lifestyle through clean eating and natural remedies but teaching a mindfulness approach to living. This Center will fulfill the innermost needs of health. We will cater to the person as a whole; mind, soul, and body, with a concentration in the area of the mind/emotional inner healings that so many desperately need. Geneva Center will be a refuge for those that feel like there is absolutely nowhere else to turn. Some people feel like others can’t possible begin to grasp the emotional and agonizing pain that the soul endures when there are unresolved internal issues. With the compassion of our well-equipped staff and the outstretched arms of the Almighty, you will receive the healing in every area of your life that’s needed. The spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing will receive the utmost care and attention. We’ve got all it takes to ensure your needs are adequately met. We shall leave no stone unturned to ensure you are given the best. 

My Call To All! I send out this Clarion Call to everyone, this strong request for something to happen! This concept has been in the shadows for far too long it’s time for the birthing process to begin with full force ahead. You are being chosen to be a part of History by heeding to the call for your participation in something great through your giving. The goal is no longer small, it’s 1 Million. 1 Million is the mark that will begin the work of all that you have read. Your giving will secure this vision and help put it into place. Remember no amount is too small. Every Giver will be written in the Hall Of Fame Wall in the Center. You would be part of the foundation that changed a generation. Give into a cause that truly serves beyond self.

Life is worthwhile when it is lived for others. Live your life for others by lending them your help and support in their times of need. The little you give today can materialize into something gigantic and invaluable in the future. The world needs this kind of LOVE to be on display. More rewarded are the hand that helps than the hand that is being helped. Join the millions of people globally who are sharing the love in their various areas and points of need through giving. Anything you give to support the birthing of The Geneva Wellness Center is a divine investment and the reward will be a harvest of divine emancipation. It will be one the best and the wisest decisions you have made.

Materializing The Best Version of SELF!
The Greatest of Thanks!

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